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Experience and Pride
The Viking Yacht Company is located on the Bass River, a winding marsh–lined tributary, which feeds into the Mullica River and flows into the Great Bay. About 50 minutes by boat to Atlantic City, the wilderness of the Bass River is a stark contrast to the leading edge technology, which precedes every Viking leaving the New Gretna facility. Building a better boat every day has been Viking’s philosophy for over four and a half decades, and this is why Viking leads the industry today in performance, innovation, engineering and luxury. And Viking will also lead tomorrow because its commitment to excellence is reflected in the “Viking Difference."
Family Business
Brothers Bill and Bob Healey founded the Viking Yacht Company in 1964 and it remains family owned and operated. Viking Yachts is a debt free company and answers only to its unyielding commitment to build the finest boats money can buy.
The modern 810,000 square foot manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology and machinery. From multiple CNC routers for cutting wood parts to a $1 million five-axis profiler, which creates foam plugs to build complex molds, Viking clearly defines cutting edge. And yet, with a strong talented and skilled work force, the human element is equally dynamic.
The 90 Percent Factor
Other than a few major components, such as engines and appliances, virtually every part of a Viking is designed and manufactured on the premises. Whether it is a fiberglass fuel tank or a wiring harness labeled every eight inches with its function, you can be sure of incomparable quality.
Front and Center
New product is the pulse of an engineering-driven company. Viking has the youngest fleet in the marine industry and new models are introduced regularly.
Quality Control
With its six production lines, Viking can build over 100 yachts a year from 37 to 92 feet. By manufacturing most of the yacht’s components in house, Viking has an inherent quality control advantage. In addition, each yacht is thoroughly inspected by dedicated personnel during the build process. This attention to detail ensures greater reliability, safety and customer satisfaction.
Finest Service
Experienced service personnel with an intimate knowledge of on-board systems stand behind every Viking Yacht. You never go to sea alone when you own a Viking.
Viking Service Center South
Located on the Intracoastal Waterway in Riviera Beach, Florida, and just minutes from Palm Beach Inlet, our new service complex handles warranty, fiberglass and running gear repairs. Staffed by Viking-trained professionals, Viking is the only manufacturer to provide its owners with a satellite facility solely for their convenience.
Preferred Insurance Risk
Vikings are highly regarded by insurance carriers.
Top-shelf engineering enables Vikings to deliver value, not only when you are using it, but at resale time as well.
Vertical Integration
To complement the Viking experience, we have created two sister companies. Palm Beach Towers designs and crafts the finest aluminum tuna towers, custom railing, fiberglass hardtops, drop-down electronic boxes, flush-mounted electric teaser reels and a host of other specialized items. Atlantic Marine Electronics is the premier source for Viking installed navigation, communication and entertainment equipment. By specifying Palm Beach Towers and Atlantic Marine Electronics for your accessories, you are assured one-stop shopping and will enjoy the absolute bliss of taking delivery of your new Viking turnkey ready.
Total Focus
Continuous development with innovative details is the hallmark of a leading edge company and every model from 37 to 92 feet represents Viking’s unyielding commitment to build a better boat every day.
Lead Not Follow
Viking raises the bar front by incorporating the best in design and performance. Powder-coated structural steel engine beds isolate vibration and ensure drive train alignment. The Delta-T
hull-side mounted ventilation system keeps the engineroom dry and combustion and propulsion noise levels low. From technical advancements like underwater exhaust systems and tank testing to designer touches like curved doorways and exquisite joinery, Vikings are the epitome of luxury and seagoing excellence.
See for yourself why Viking craftsmanship and blue-water performance are the standards by which other boats are judged. Please contact your Viking dealer to arrange a factory tour and sea trial at your convenience and experience the “Viking Difference.”
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